Magic land of wild forests and pictorial lakes in the north-west of Russia surrounded by the White Sea & Ladoga Lake


You can feel all the charm of northern nature - there are 8 National Parks in Karelia, the most popular is Kivach, named after an impressive waterfall located there
We recommend Puskeala – Park with a Marble Canyon-a huge bowl, carved by people in marble,
half kilometer large filled with the purest water, its sides are cut with open and underwater galleries, drifts, and shafts.

And don't miss to visit Solovetsky Islands or Solovki, six islands located in the White Sea true pearl of Russian north, make photo of mysterious stone labyrinths 1st century AD and visit Solovetsky monastery (15th century),
it was used as GULAG camp during Stalin's period and finally returned to Russian Orthodox Church.
This combination of spirituality, wilderness and bloody past of Solovki will leave no one indifferent
One more famous island - Kizhi with the world-known wooden sightseeings - the 22-dome Church of the Transfiguration which was built without any nail and the Church of the Resurrection of Lazarus (14s) the oldest wooden church in Russia
Karelia offers you many different activities - rafting and jeep tours in summer time and in winter - snowmobiles and dog sleights
You can try Northern Lights hunt- nights are longer in winter and you have all chances to catch this wonder of nature
You can try Northern Lights hunt- nights are longer in winter and you have all chances to catch this wonder of nature
We recommend you to try local food - kalitka-traditional small pie, our favorites ones are with potatoes or berries and lohikeitto- nice soup made with salmon and cream
in Karelia

Forrest and land covered by snow, deafening silence, blinding whiteness - you will cross frozen lakes passing by old wooden villages and forests covered by snow and ice it will be unforgettable
After a hole day outside a wooden and steamy Russian banya to warm up will be great. And of course nalivka-local berry liqueur to feel fun))
The original name of an island - kizharsuari "island of games"
Located in Onego Lake, Kizhi was situated on trade route from the town of Novgorod to the White Sea.
Nowadays the island is famous for its wooden architecture.

Kizhi Museum is one of the largest open air museums in Russia - 89 monuments of wooden architecture: old chapels and houses, windmills and granaries, threshing barns and racks for drying crops.
Here you will find the oldest wooden church - Church of the Resurrection of Lazarus (1390). But the gem of collection is Kizhi Pogost - Pogost contains two spectacular wooden churches (the 22-dome Transfiguration Church and the 9-dome Intercession Church) and a bell-tower. 37 m high Church of the Transfiguration of Our Savior was built without any nail
Soul Camp
Luxury lake-side camping site in Karelian forest near Ruskeala National Park
You will live in ecological camp surrounded by northern forest, on the shore of lake, amazing views and magic atmosphere are guaranteed

Accommodation in design tents with comfortable beds, snow white linens and towels with wood burning stove. Shower with a hot water &WC
And of course traditional banya-but in wood barrel.
There are restaurant in camp, chill out zone with books, music instruments and table games. Special tent for parties or cinema or yoga -up to you.
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